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03 May 20

The evolution of table lamp

There are some items that we can easily find in every house. The item we want to talk it about is one of that. In a lot of case it spends with us a lot of time and it is a faithful friend during the day and also…during the night. Working, studying, reading we can easily find next to us, it is in every house and almost in every room: the table lamp.

Do you remember how the Pixar’s film start? Yes, in that way, with a table lamp that jumps from the right side to the left side of the TV screen. It may be just one of the million table lamps in the world, but it is not like this. The “Pixar lamp” is considered the first table lamp in the history and we at Edonart want to tell you something about it.

The table lamps have a precise origin dates back 100 years ago, the father of this category of lamp was the Britain engineer George Carwardine. Cawardine was a designer of car’s suspensions but in 1929 he decided to leave his job to experience an idea that he had some years before. He wanted to create a mechanical system “with permanent tension”. In 1931, the first application of his idea was a strange table lamp made by a very heavy base and an articulated mechanic arm that with the support of four springs allowed to move the bulb up and down, left and right or in different position. It was called the Anglepoise, this was the name of the first table lamp. At the beginning it was used in the industrial and military field, it was installed on the trains and on the war planes. The domestic version was put into market in 1935 with the name of “Anglepoise Original 1227”. The lamp had more refined lines and three springs instead of four. It was the perfect lamp because it was used during the black out of the second world.

With the improvement of technology, industry and others fields, the world of design has been also involved into. Today, with the word “table lamp” we don’t refer to a specific lamp but to an entire category with thousand models and items. During the years the designers have designed, drawn and created table lamps for everyone and for every use. We at Edonart would like to tell you something about some of the ones we loved.

In the world of the most particular ones we are fascinating by the “animals table lamps”, we call them like that because all of them represent some animal.

Mouse by Seletti

Step, Lop and Mac are three white small mice that run in every corner of the house try to find strange things. When the night comes they turn on the light of their lamps lighting up all the rooms. The three small mice are represented in three different positions, standing, sitting and lying. Mouse has been designed by the famous designer Marcantonio for Seletti.

Kong XS by Qeeboo

Kong is not just the perfect object for the animal lovers but it also the perfect item for cinema lovers. This lamp reminds the film King Kong released in theaters in 1933 and become one of the first kolossal in the world. Kong XS has been designed by Stefano Giovanni and it is available in many different colors and materials. You can shop here.

Perch by Moooi

Perch is “light in movement”. It represents an origami with the shape of a bird. It has the beak and the tail brass colored and it balances itself standing on a thin branch. Perch gives delicate light around it. This lamp was created by Umut Yamac for Moooi.

There are a lot of practical table lamps, we want to tell you something about three lamps that combine practicality, design and innovation. The two most important characteristics are that they haven’t got a wire so you can move the lamp wherever and that you have the possibility to regulate the light intensity just with the movement of your hand.

Giulietta BE T by Catellani & Smith

Giulietta BE T is the table lamp with no wire designed to be moved wherever you want in a very easy way. You need just the touch of your hand to turning on and you can also regulate the intensity of light with the touch of your fingers. Giulietta BE T is made by a thin rod that starts from a circular base until the top of the lamp where we find a circle that “gravitates” around it. The circle hides the source of the light and this is the most amazing feature. (You can shop here)

giulietta bet portatile

Come Together by Artemide

Come Together is modeled by optical reason and it looks like a table lamp coming from the future or the space. The structure of the lamp is an optical transparent unit with gradients used to carry the light and spread it into the room. Come Together is composed by a Li-Po rechargeable accumulator with the duration of 16 hours and you can transport and move it without looking for a socket. This lamp was designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Artemide.

Sento Tavolo by Occhio

Sento Tavolo is the table lamp version of Sento line designed by Ochio. A device makes the “head of the lamp” rotate, it has a timeless design. The light comes from one side or two side and it creates the perfect atmosphere for working and reading. Sento Tavolo is included in the practical lamp thanks to the touch-less control and thanks the Occhio Air application for smartphone. Both allow to regulate the intensity of the light with a simple gesture of the hand or using the smartphone. Sento Tavolo is available in our shop.

lampada da tavolo lampada da scrivania con testa tonda di design

Today we pay attention that our deeds should respect our planet and our Earth. The love and the attention to the environment is the main reason why a lot of sectors and industries started to be more sustainable: the agribusiness sector, the world of fashion, the building and of course the world of furniture and home décor. In particular the last one is very committing about this delicate topic. This is why a lot of brand focused part of the production in sustainable products. We would like to make a comparison between three of the one we think are great for nature lovers.

Fersè by Rossella Scivales

Fersè is a table lamp completely hand-made using olive tree trunks that the Mediterranean Sea “cherished” up to the Apullian coasts. This lamp represents a small horse with decoration studs on its top that are put very close to create a saddle. Fersè is an incredible design lamp and the artist, Rossella Scivales, focused her work on giving a second life to waste materials. A red wire makes the design of this lamp more particular. Fersé is one of the products available in our shop.

lampade design

Desert Light by Nature

Desert Light is the line created by Nature to celebrate five different kinds of cactus. They have an incredible modern and elegant style. These sustainable lamps coming from the working of soy plastic with a low environmental impact. We can say that these items are very environmentally friend and they create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere inside the house. These lamps are designed by Serena Fanara.

Peak by Nature Design

Peak is a table lamp made with a trunk section. The trunk comes from recycled wood and it is worked and sculpted by artisans. This is one of the most beautiful details because every lamp is different from another. Peak is created by the great artisans of Nature Design.

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